Insurance Agency Compensation

Some insurance companies pay Cetera Financial Specialists or its affiliated or controlled insurance agencies sales commissions when they sell fixed annuities and life insurance (“Insurance Products”), and part of those commissions go to the Cetera Financial Specialists insurance agent who sold the Insurance Product to you. Although we make a wide variety of Insurance Products available, we concentrate our marketing and training efforts on Insurance Products issued by a limited number of insurance companies (“Designated Insurance Companies”). Designated Insurance Companies have more opportunities to provide training and education to Cetera Financial Specialists insurance agents, and attend or sponsor Cetera Financial Specialists education and training meetings. Some Designated Insurance Companies pay Cetera Financial Specialists amounts in addition to sales commissions to compensate Cetera Financial Specialists for these enhanced marketing and training opportunities. The Designated Insurance Company payments generally consist of payments based on a percentage of total premiums paid to a Designated Insurance Company. Although these Designated Insurance Company payments are not paid to Cetera Financial Specialists insurance agents, they benefit agents by allowing them to receive greater training and education, and may pose a financial incentive for us to promote Designated Insurance Company Insurance Products over other Insurance Products.

Below is the current list of Designated Insurance Companies:
Jackson National Life Insurance Company
Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York
Pacific Life and Annuity Company
Pacific Life Insurance Company