A practice management tool and consulting process focused on growing your business.


As the CEO of an independent practice, you must be equipped to make objective, strategic decisions. Pentameter® helps you assess your progress, build a plan to reach your goals, and implement tools and strategies to make your practice more profitable. Pentameter brings together everything we have learned about helping financial advisors grow their practices—the five measures of business success.

The Five Measures of Business Success

The Five Measures of Business Success

Business Development


Wealth Management

Client Acquisition

Business Acquisition

Operational Efficiency

Business Processing


Client Services

Human Capital

Organizational Design

Performance Management

Onboarding & Hiring

Employment Basics

Business Management

Strategic Planning

Financial Management

Succession Planning

Continuity Planning

Succession Planning

Advisor M&A

Your Business Assessment

The process starts with completing a diagnostic assessment of your business’ strengths across the five measures of business success. After filling out an assessment in the portal, you will receive a score for each of the measures, along with a printable summary that identifies areas for improvement.

Your Business Consultants

Utilizing insights from the assessment, your designated business consultant will work with you to:

  • Identify specific opportunities for growth based on the assessment and your own desires for your business
  • Set attainable goals
  • Build an action plan to meet those goals
  • Execute and implement the action plan
  • Track progress and monitor results

In-house business consultants provide continuous expert advice on how to implement your business plan, achieve your goals, and grow your practice. Enhanced business consulting capabilities will also encompass an expanded team to help with your business needs from succession planning to driving growth, hiring, managing and developing talent and additional capabilities that will make it easy for you to build, execute and monitor these plans.

Knowledge Library

The knowledge library offers additional resources in the areas critical to growing your business, from business plan templates that help you create a vision, mission, and action items, to sample job descriptions for hiring associates and tools to help you perform a business valuation.