Success Stories

Delivering both tax and investment advice is powerful. Hear the stories of how Cetera Financial Specialists advisors are delivering an advice-centric experience to families while operating thriving financial and tax practices.

Delivering More Than Tax Advice

Jacob Rosenberg became a financial advisor because clients’ financial lives are more than accounting and tax. Hear his story.

To Buy or Not to Buy

Difficult financial decisions can become easier when you work with a Specialists advisor. Learn how Robert Fezza helped his client navigate a large purchase.

Ease Your Worries

When life delivers its twists and turns, the last thing you should have to worry about are your finances. Specialists’ advisor Tom Mengel shares his perspective.

Finances Matter for Your Future

Hear why Steve Siders’ client equates financial planning to life planning 101.

Technology Is Part of the Solution

Each client has their own unique story. Proper technology integrations allow Ted Sticker’s team to be the one stop shop for their clients.