We’re Uniquely Qualified—Just Like You

Your tax background gives you unique qualifications as a financial advisor. Our focus on helping tax and accounting professionals build their wealth management practice makes us uniquely qualified to help you.


We are the leading growth consultant for tax and accounting professionals and CPA firms integrating wealth management into their practices. Together, we create a personalized road map for our advisors and their clients.

Dedicated Support

Navigate product offerings and client support through our one-on-one consultations.

Marketing Support

Develop and oversee marketing communications and web strategy seamlessly using our Connect2Clients® platform.

Practice Management

Grow your practice by focusing on the five measures of business success using our Pentameter® tool.

Wealth Management

Access our advisory and institutional-grade portfolio tools, education, and market research.

Tax & Advisor Insights provides specialized advice, news and must-knows for accounting and financial planners.


Equity Investing Across Cycles

How economic cycles impact equity investing and which mutual funds to use for each part

Inside the Minds of Wealthy Women

What advisors need to know to attract and retain wealthy women.

How to Develop Loyal Affluent Clients

What are the key factors that make an affluent client want to commit to a financial advisor?

What Do Millennials Expect From Financial Advisors?

Do you have the correct processes and systems in place to attract, retain and serve millennials?

Establishing Enduring Relationships

5 steps to building long-lasting relationships with both members of a couple.

Marketing Made Simple

An easy guide to promoting your business.

Connecting Across The Ages

Millennials to inherit $41 trillion—will you inherit any?

A View from the Top

Make your wealth management program more profitable.

Your Wealth Management Practice

1 in 4 CPAs offer wealth management services.

The Road to Expansion

Is wealth management the missing piece of your growth puzzle?

Teaching Kids About Financial Responsibility

7 steps to help your clients teach their children about money.

Hiring A Junior Advisor - Made Simple

Is it time to consider hiring a junior advisor?

Building a Bridge to Greater Success

Expand with wealth management services.

See what makes affluent clients stick around.

Best Practices of Elite Teams

How they generate 2X more Assets Under Management (AUM).

As the premier independent broker-dealer focused on building the practices of independent tax and accounting professionals like you, Cetera Financial Specialists has a unique perspective on what it takes to help you thrive in today's ultra-competitive marketplace. We deliver the technology, insight, support and expertise you need not only to provide the highest level of service to your clients, but also to help you build the business you want and achieve your vision of success.